MBARI Art is a multi-disciplinary organization dedicated to the collection, preservation, identification, documentation and exhibition of work pertaining to the art and culture of Africa. Its goals are to educate the public, give visibility to African artists, promote and publish research, and act as a permanent repository for the works of contemporary African artists, related materials, books, and publications.

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Rufus Ogundele, Painter, Nigeria

Muraina Oyelami, Painter, Printmaker, Nigeria

Twins Seven-Seven, Painter, Sculptor, Nigeria

Jacob Afolabi, Painter, Nigeria

Adebisi Fabunmi, Graphic artist, Painter, Ghana


New Currents, Ancient Rivers: Contemporary African Artists in a Generation of Change, by Jean Kennedy


Out of Bounds: Women Artists from Africa, Mbari Institute

Colors of Africa: Contemporary Art from the Continent, Mbari Institute

Oshogbo, Departure from Tradition: Contemporary Textiles from Nigeria, Mbari Institute