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Muraina Oyelami
Painter, Printmaker, Nigeria
Muraina Oyelami was born in Iragbiji, Nigeria, in 1940. An actor and musician in Duro Ladipo's theater, he attended workshops organized by Georgina Beier and Ru Van Rossem. Oyelami has a certificate in dramatic arts from the University of Ife, where he has taught music and dance (1976-87) and been a museum curator.

Oyelami's methods of working as an artist are painstaking. After spending many days working out the concept for a painting, he either sketches a drawing or immediately begins to paint. His subject matter is based on individuals or experiences from daily life. His palette and use of paint are very subtle; his sense of design very direct. Although Oyelami first adopted an abstract style, he gradually moved to figurative representation.

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