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Clips from the video
"Adire: Indigo Textiles amongst the Yoruba
by Thorolf Lipp and produced by TMT-Film
This film was shot by Thorolf Lipp in 1995 at the Nike Art Centre. It explains the techniques and processes of making indigo resist-dyed textiles, including the descriptions of the creation of the indigo dye, the dye pots, the cassava paste, and other materials required for the preparation of Adire. It follows the steps of applying the resistance material, tying and stitching, dyeing, and finishing the cloth.

Below are some short clips from the film. You can view each clip in either high or low quality, choose the one that is best for your type of internet connection. (You will need the RealPlayer plugin to view these clips. If you need the latest Real Player, click here).

Introduction to the film
view clip: low res  -- high res

Introduction to Adire cloth
view clip: low res  -- high res

Applying the cassava starch
view clip: low res  -- high res

Immersing cloth in the dye
view clip: low res  -- high res

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