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---------------------------------------  About Nigeria

Nigeria - a country study
Prepared by the Library of Congress. Chapters include the history, society, economy and government of Nigeria.

Embassy of Nigeria
From the embassy in Washington, DC. Includes pages on Nigerian culture, tourism and visa requirements.

Consular Information Sheet on Nigeria
From the U.S. Department of State

Lonely Planet's guide to Nigeria

Top News from Nigeria
News clippings on

A Concrete Vision: Oshogbo Art in the 1960s
Online presentation of an exhibit held at the Smithsonian's National Museum of African Art in 2000. "During the early 1960s, a major artistic transformation occurred in Oshogbo, a Yoruba town in western Nigeria. Here visual, literary and performance artists drew on traditional ideas to create new forms. A Concrete Vision features works by 11 visual artists from the earliest days of the Oshogbo school."

An Annotated Directory of Nigeria on the Internet
Many more select links to Nigerian web sites.

---------------------------------------  About Nike

Celebrating Adíre and The Batik Art of Nike (this article may no longer be online)
Online exhibition with essay on Nike's artwork, in Ijele: Art eJournal of the African World (2001), curated by Nkiru Nzegwu (note: click on the 'exhibition' link to view the exhibit).

The Woman With the Artistic Brush: A Life History of Yoruba Batik Artist Nike Davies, by Kim Marie Vaz.

Nike's biography. The book can be purchased from Black Art Studio.

Adire: Indigo Textiles amongst the Yoruba
A wonderful film by Thorolf Lipp, produced by TMT-Film, runs 45 min. Explains the techniques and processes of making indigo resist-dyed textiles. Includes the descriptions of the creation of the indigo dye, the dye pots, the cassava paste, and metal cut-out stencils. It follows the steps of applying the resistance material, tying and stitching, dyeing, and finishing the cloth. Featured in the film are Nike Davies and the artists working at the Nike Centre in Oshogbo. We'll post some information here soon on where to purchase the film. In the meantime, here are some video clips.

Elsewhere on the web
The life and work of Nike have attracted considerable attention in the international artistic community. After lecturing and holding demonstrations and workshops around the world for over 30 years, a search on google shows a bit of the trail of where she has visited and the impressions she has left behind.

---------------------------------------  Purchasing our Art

A selection of artworks for sale is available on our shopping page. Other web sites we would like to recommend, who sell artworks made by artists at our centres, are Aba's Shop and Black Art Studio.

---------------------------------------  More links of interest

Pan-African Film Festival (PAFF)

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