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Adebisi Fabunmi
Graphic artist, Painter, Ghana
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Emmanuel Agbeli, Painter and drummer, Ghana
Kofi Agorsor, Painter, Ghana
Peter Amankwah, painter, Ghana
John Kofi Aryee, painter, graphic artist, Ghana
Tsepiso Lesenyeho, painter, Lesotho

Rufus Ogundele, Painter, Nigeria
Muraina Oyelami, Painter, Printmaker, Nigeria
Twins Seven-Seven, Painter, Sculptor, Nigeria
Jacob Afolabi, Painter, Nigeria
Baba Wagué Diakité, ceramist, painter, Mali

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Bayo Gallery
 Bayo Iribhogbe is a painter, originally from Nigeria he now lives and works in New York.
Chief Jimoh Buraimoh
 This is the web site of Jimoh Buraimoh, one of Nigeria's most influential artists and one of the members of the "Oshogbo School of Art". Buraimoh has worked in a variety of different mediums - paintings, mosaics, prints and bead-painting. In addition to examples of his artwork, his site has information about a gallery and a hotel he built in Osogbo, and a book he has authored about his art.
Antognoni Brunhoso
 Painter Antognoni Brunhoso, originally from Angola, currently lives in the Netherlands.
Joseph Cartoon
 Kenyan painter Joseph Cartoon.
Jonathan Mavua Lessor
 Jonathan Lessor is a Nigerian painter. "My favourite subjects are often those in which most of the units or elements are not fixed but always in constant state of flux. There must be movement for it to arouse my interest."
Barthosa Nkurumeh
 Barthosa Nkurumeh is an artist and art educator. Originally from Nigeria, he now works in the United States. "On the surface, my art appears to have changed in the course of traveling, schooling and working in America but that linear rendition of form resulting from the training at Nsukka is still intrinsic in my art."
Victor Ekpuk
 Nigerian artist Victor Ekpuk. "My interest and challenge in creating art has been to use elements of ancient African art, especially the writing systems, to express contemporary experiences. Writing and graphic symbols are the main inspiration for my style. They greatly feed the love for expressing myself with these ancient forms, particularly those of Nsibidi, an indigenous African system of communication that employs graphic signs, as well as pantomime and the placement of objects to convey concepts."
Victor Ehikhamenor
 "Victor was born in Edo State, Nigeria; a place rich in folkloric tradition and materials. As a young boy, he was privileged to witness many festivals that were highly spiritual; these now form the pillars and bedrock of his creativity." Victor currently lives in the United States. [hint: on his web site, click the dots below the first works in each gallery]
Yisa Akinbolaji
 Originally from Nigeria, painter Yisa Akinbolaji currently lives in Canada. "Influenced by my Yoruba oral tradition and experiential knowledge, the intervention of my current work embodies the complexities of culture, identity, violence, truth, and reconciliation."
Zerihun Yetmgeta: Ethiopian Artist
 This site contains a biography and examples of works of the Ethiopian artist Zerihun Yetmgeta, arranged chronologicaly. Curated by Professor Raymond Silverman.
Betty LaDuke
 Betty LaDuke is an artist, art educator and author. Her books include Africa Through the Eyes of Women Artists and Africa: Women's Art, Women's Lives. She has traveled extensively in Africa, which has inspired much of her artwork.

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