Ghana style Aso-oke

price: $35.00

artist: Gilbert "Bobbo" Ahiagble
material: mercerized cotton
size: 79" by 5.5"
vendor: davi lojo
item #AC4-2245


Please note: for some reason it was very hard to photograph this red cloth. To get a better idea of what the texture is like please look at the other Aso-oke style strips on our site. If you're interested, we can also email you a higher resolution photo, which gives a better idea of the texture of the cloth (when we reduced the size of the photo for web display, it ended up looking out of focus).

Aso-oke is a Nigerian form of strip weaving, which has also found popularity in other west African countries. In particular the demand for it in recent years has been so great in Ghana, that Ghanaian weavers have taken on some of the Aso-oke techniques in their own weavings. We have a few samples from an Ewe weaver who has created some lovely Aso-oke style weavings incorporating traditional Kente designs with the Aso-oke technique of openwork, which are holes created by using extra weft threads, which themselves form a floating crossing pattern on the front of the cloth.