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Rufus Ogundele
Painter, Nigeria
Solo Exhibitions

  • Goethe Institute, Lagos, June 10-19, 1970.
  • Goethe Institute, Lagos, June 28-July 8,1972.
  • Goethe Institute, Lagos, October 23-November 2, 1974.
  • "Exhibition of Works by Rufus Ogundele," Goethe Institute, Lagos, 1976. Goethe Institute, Lagos, 1981.
  • "Rufus Ogundele," Galerie Schwarz-Weiss, Munich, Germany, 1984.

Group Exhibitions

  • Phelps-Stokes Fund, New York, 1965.
  • Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition of African Prints, USA, 1966-1968.
  • "Contemporary African Art," Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, March 17-April 18, 1967.
  • "Contemporary Nigerian Art: Exhibition for Ori-Olokun Opening," Ori-Olukun Cultural Centre, Ile-Ife, June 1968.
  • "Contemporary African Art," Camden Arts Centre, London, August-September 1969.
  • "Contemporary African Art," Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles Countv Los Angeles, USA, March 13-May 4, 1969. [traveled in the USA from 1969-1973 to: Studio Museum in Harlem and New York University, New York; University of Missouri, Columbia; Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland; West Virginia State College, Institute; North East Missouri State College, Kirskville; Rio Hondo College, Whittier, California; Compton Community College, Compton, California; Citrus College, Azusa, California; Mira Costa College, Oceanside, California, and Civic Arts Gallery, Walnut Creek, California].
  • "Oeuvres Africaines Nouvelles," Musée de I'Homme, Paris, France, February 13- April 13, 1970.
  • "Moderne Malerei in Afrika," Museum für Völkerkunde, Vienna, Austria, December 1970-February 1971.
  • "Oshogbo Artists," Goethe Institute, Lagos, January 13-23, 1971.
  • "Prints," Goethe Institute, Lagos, December 1-7,1971.
  • "New African Art in Czechoslovakia," Náprstek Museum, Prague, Czechoslovakia, January-April 1972.
  • "Africa Creates '72," Union Carbide Gallery, Union Carbide Building, Community Church and Inter-Church Center, New York, USA; Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Center, Brooklyn, USA, October 1972-April 1973.
  • "Oshogbo Artists," Goethe Institute, Lagos, November 12-18, 1972.
  • "African Art," Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, February- April 1973.
  • Goethe Institute, Lagos, October 3-November 9, 1973.
  • "Contemporary Nigerian Graphics and Textiles," National Center of Afro-American Artists, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, October 14-November 5, 1973.
  • "Modem African Art," Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, New York, USA, October-December 1973.
  • "Aladire and Oshogbo Graphics," African Heritage Center Gallery, Washington, DC, November 1973.
  • "Contemporary Nigerian Fabrics and Prints," Ile-ife Museum, Ile-ife Black Humanitarian Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, January 1974.
  • "Tradition and Change in Yoruba Art," E. B. Crocker Art Gallery, Sacramento, California, USA, March 9-April 14, 1974.
  • "Contemporary Nigerian Art," Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, July 25- October 28, 1974.
  • Goethe Institute, Lagos, November 28-30, 1975.
  • "The Living Tradition," Dimock Gallery, George Washington University, Washington, DC, February 5-28, 1975.
  • "Ife Workshop Prints," Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland, USA, February 10-26, 1975.
  • "Modern Graphics by Ten Nigerian Artists," gallery rg, Curaçao, Lesser Antilles, February 18-March 15, 1975.
  • "Modern Art from Africa," Jonade Gallery, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, March 1975.
  • "Visions of Africa," Afro-American Cultural Center, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, May 12-23, 1975.
  • "Art-Craft from Africa," Maryland Commission on Afro-American and Indian History and Culture, Annapolis, Maryland, USA, November 1975.
  • "Print Workshop Collection," African Heritage Center, North Carolina A & T State University, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA, February 1976.
  • "Exhibition of Graphics," University of Lagos Women's Society, Lagos, July 1978. Goethe Institute, Lagos, 1978.
  • "Moderne Kunst aus Afrika," Staatlichen Kunsthalle, Berlin, Germany, June 24- August 12, 1979.
  • "In Celebration of Kwanza: Graphics from Ife, Nigeria," Sargent Johnson Gallery, San Francisco, USA, January 8-February 11, 1979.
  • "Modern Kunst in Afrika," Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1980.
  • "Twenty Years of Oshogbo Art," Goethe Institute, Lagos, 1980.
  • "Contemporary Nigerian Artists: Ten Artists of the Oshogbo Workshop," New World Center Campus Art Gallery, Miami, USA, January 30-February 29, 1980; Metropolitan Miami-Dade Library System South Regional Library, Miami, USA, March 7-28, 1980.
  • "Neue Kunst in Afrika," Mainz, Germany, June 1980; Bayreuth, Germany, July- August 1980; Wörgl, Austria, September 1980.
  • "Oshogbo Artists," Oshogbo, July 1980.
  • "Exhibition of Nigerian Contemporary Art," Dakar, Senegal, November 25- December 7, 1980.
  • "De Goden Zijn Niet Dood," Provinciehuis, Zwolle, The Netherlands, Febuary 5-Niarch 5, 1982.
  • "African Art: Past and Present," Ohio State University, Columbus, USA, May 3-31, 1982. [and other venues in Ohio].
  • "People and Streets: Prints and Drawings," Goethe Institute, Lagos, November 3- 16, 1982.
  • "Modern Art from Nigeria and Papua New Guinea from the Mbari West Collection," Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery, University of California, Santa Cruz, California, USA, November 6-December 10, 1983.
  • "Contemporary African Art," National Center of Afro-American Artists, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, December 9, 1983-january 31, 1984.
  • "lwalewa: Afrikanische Kunst Heute," Städtische Galerie, Regensburg, Germany, June 9-30, 1985.
  • "Oshogbo Art," Commonwealth Institute Art Gallery, London, July 4-29, 1985; Commonwealth Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland, August 12-31, 1985.
  • "Myth and Image: An Exhibition of Works by 14 Nigerian Artists," Denton, Texas, USA, October 15-November 10, 1985.
  • "Rufus Ogundele: Gemälde, Ademola Onibonokuta: Batiken," lwalewa-Haus, Bayreuth, Germany, 1987.
  • "Yoruba Art in Life and Thought," African Research Center, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia, 1988.
  • "Art from the African Diaspora: Becoming Visible," Aljira, Newark, New Jersey, USA, February 12-March 13, 1988.
  • "Oshogbo Artists," Heritage International Hotel, Oshogbo, 1988.
  • "Creative Search I," Jiraj Art Gallery, Lagos, June 1988.
  • "Contemporary Arts from Western Nigeria," Zamana Gallery, London, October 27, 1988-January 8, 1989.
  • "Zeitgenössische Nigerianische Kunst," Bonn, Bocholt, and Mönchengladbach, Germany, July-October 1989.
  • "1990 Exhibition of Contemporary Yoruba Art," School of Architecture, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, April 25-29, 1990.
  • "Recent Works by 11 African Artists Showing Continued Oshogbo Influence," Watermark/Cargo Gallery, Kingston, New York, USA, July 7-29, 1990.
  • "Contemporary Art from. Western Nigeria-Oshogbo," Africa Centre, London, June 19-july 13, 1990.
  • "Songs of Power, Songs of Praise: Modern Visions from Haiti, Nigeria and Papua New Guinea," San Jose State University Gallery, San Jose, California, USA, September 11-October 18, 1990.


  • Murals in the Ladipo Compound, Ile-ife.

Public Collections

  • Carl Van Vechten Gallery of Fine Arts, Fisk University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Works on paper: "Untitled," "Mask,", "Egungun Mask," "Amon and His Wife,,, "A War Victim," "My Mother," "A True History. . .," "Noah's Ark I," 'Noah's Journey Scene II," "Noah and the Flood Scene," "The Magician' " "Fishing," "An Elephant and His Son," "Shrine," "Curious Creatures," "Railway station," and "Bird."
  • Hampton University Museum, Hampton, Virginia. Works formerly in the Harmon Foundation Collection.
  • lwalewa-Haus, Bayreuth, Germany. Oil paintings: "Creature," "Egungun Sacrifice During Festival," "Gods of the Niger," "Head," "lya Shango at the Shrine,' and two untitled; monoprint: "Head"; linocut: "Oba Koso"; medium not stated: "Afikpo Mask," "Artist in a Pensive Mood," "Hope for the Third World," "Mary Slessor," "Mary Slessor II," "Noah's Arch," "Osun Shrine Oshogbo," "Pepeye," and 'Statue of a Cub."
  • Mbari Art, Washington, DC.
  • Museum für Völkerkunde, Frankfurt, Germany. Oil paintings: "Sacred Nigerian Masks," and "Cub."
  • National Gallery of Modern Art, Lagos. Oil paintings: "Boats at Lagoon," "Overhead Bridge that Solves no Problem," "Oath," and "Worshippers' House."


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