FAQs and Problems

Frequently given answers to frequently asked questions...

Does AfricanCraft.com stand by all the information listed on its website?
No. We can only guarantee the products and information found in the "shops" section of the site. The other areas of the website are really a bit like a bulletin board. The content is provided by contributors and every piece of information has the contributor's name attached to it. We format, and post, and link it. We will try to get to know the submitters, but in some cases envision that we won't be able to.

Who can get listed?
The craftspeople section of AfricanCraft.com is open to all African artisans working in a visual medium. The designers section is open to artists and product designers whose work incorporates African materials or is clearly influenced by its designs.

What information can I post and what is the limit?
An entry will typically consist of an introduction, any number of photographs of your work (or of the artisan for whom you are submitting), any number of photographs of the artisan's workshop (if appropriate) and contact information. But you are welcome to submit other information as well, as is deemed relevant or interesting. There is no real maximum limit (at least it hasn't been reached as yet). There is, however, a minimum: at least an introduction, a few photographs of the artisan and their work and contact information.

Can retailers, wholesalers and dealers post information to advertise their business?
Yes, and we welcome it. We'll attach your name to any information you submit that fits into the sections of AfricanCraft.com. And we'll create a separate page that summarizes your business and links to it. We think that submitting interesting content will do a better job of advertising your expertise than simply listing your name with a link.

How much does it cost?
It's free to qualified individuals or groups.

Why is it free? (#1 faq)
Because we hope the site can become a directory for African craftspeople and for people doing interesting work with African crafts. It would not be a very useful directory if it were not complete (or at least attempted to be). Some things just want to be free.

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