Site Overview

The purpose of is to be a site where any African artisan can display their work. We also welcome the work of people whose work has been influenced by the designs of Africa: artists, product designers, photographers, writers, enthusiasts...

What we endeavor to do is to organize and present this information as best we can, linking up people whose work shares a common interest or heritage.

Very briefly, here's a run down of the major sections of the website:

This section is open to all artisans from any African country, who are engaged in a visual craft. Each artisan or cooperative group has their own set of web pages displaying their work, photos of their workshops (optionally) and links to information on or elsewhere on the Internet, relevant to their craft.

Open to all artists and product designers whose work incorporates, or is influenced by African materials or designs.

The online shopping area of, offers the catalogs of various retailers, with a unified ordering mechanism.

Offering lesson plans and educational materials; in the future we plan to facilitate cooperative projects between schoolchildren in Africa and the rest of the world.

Other sections
Articles, book excerpts, more to come - stay tuned...