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Janet Goldner

Janet Goldner is an American sculptor whose work has been influenced by her long association with Africa and its artists. She has been involved in many collaborative projects in Mali including curating exhibitions, producing a video documentary, and leading tours. [posted: Mar 03, 2004]

Michael C. Carlos Museum, Emory University

The museum’s collection of African art contains approximately 1,800 objects that reflect the size and diversity of the continent. Highlights include the Kom Beaded Bowl Figure from the Cameroon Grassfields, used by royalty to hold kola nuts for their guests; Mami Wata, the Ibibio water spirit from Southeast Nigeria; the Makonde Lipiko mask from northern Mozambique; and a Koranic writing tablet from Ethiopia. [posted: Mar 04, 2004]

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco -- de Young Museum

The de Young's African art collection features work from many areas of sub-Saharan Africa. You can search through it's collection online (unfortunately photos, as of this writing, are not very high resolution). [posted: Mar 04, 2004]

National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian

Explore the museum's collections as well as its past exhibitions of "tradition-based" as well as contemporary arts. The site produces special web presentations for most of its exhibitions, and an archive of these is available online. In the collection area of the site you are able to search over 10,000 works in its database. [posted: Mar 04, 2004]

UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History

"One of the largest collections of African arts in the United States, the Fowler Museum’s holdings encompass metalwork, wood carvings, textiles, musical instruments, popular urban arts, and ceramics. These arts come from throughout the African continent and span millennia, reflecting the vibrancy and diversity of the arts from nearly every time period and region of the continent." Search the digital collection, and past exhibits. [posted: Mar 04, 2004]

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

"The African collection at the Penn Museum is one of the largest collections in the country. The collection includes approximately 15,000 ethnographic and 5,000 archaeological objects and most of the collection was obtained between 1891 and 1937. Although many of the artifacts can be appreciated from a purely artistic or aesthetic standpoint, the Museum's main interest in them is as an ethnographic study collection. The collection therefore contains everything from masks and statuary to architectural pieces, clothing, musical instruments and ordinary household implements." [posted: Mar 04, 2004]

Museum for African Art publications

"The Africa Center is built on the extraordinary legacy of the Museum for African Art. Founded in 1984, the Museum for African Art organized nearly 70 exhibitions of historical and contemporary art from Africa and its Diaspora in 140 venues spread across 80 cities, 17 countries and 4 continents." They have made these wonderful publications available for reading online (free). [posted: Mar 04, 2004]

Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren, Belgium

The Museum' permanent exhibits include its remarkable collection of ethnographic objects from Central Africa. The temporary exhibitions aim to be a podium for contemporary African art and science. [posted: Mar 04, 2004]

Cultured Expressions

The web site of Lisa Shepard, a writer and designer who has authored several books about creative decorating with African fabrics. In addition to selling African fabrics and beads, her web site offers free crafting ideas, information on her lectures and appearances, as well as her books and other products. If you're looking for African fabrics and ideas for what to make with those fabrics, you'll want to visit this website! [posted: Mar 04, 2004]

Aba Tours

Tour operator, with a focus on the arts, culture and people of Ghana. "Aba Tours does not show you Ghana from the window of a tour bus. With us, you meet the people on a personal level and participate in their daily life." [posted: Mar 04, 2004]

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