Adinkra book (soft cover)

small, $10.00
large, $15.00
vendor: aba's shop
item #AC1-2629



These one of a kind books were made by Ghanaian children ages 4-16. They made the covers from recycled paper, printed them with indigenous adinkra symbols and assembled them. The books have blank pages.

All proceeds from book sales go to the children and help pay school fees and related expenses. RECYCLED GHANA not only helps the children financially, but also develops their self esteem and sense of empowerment. This project is sponsored by Cross Cultural Collaborative -- please visit their web site to learn more about their wonderful programs.

Outside sugar cane paper decorated with adinkra stamps and inside samples of African cloth. size small: 4" x 5" size large: 4 1/2" x 6 1/2"