Barber Shop Sign

price: $100.00

artist: Peter Amankwah
material: oil paint on wood
size: approx. 16" x 24"
vendor: aba's shop
item #AC1-1211


Almost every business establishment in Ghana has a handpainted sign. Sometimes the signs are more elaborate than the business they are advertising. The signs that we sell are painted by Peter Amankwaa a 29 year old Ashanti artist who's professional name is Amassj. "I had a dream from when I was 12 years old that I was making art. Everyday when I sleep I have the dreams of drawings and paintings." Although Peter dreamed of becoming an artist he had to work for 2 years as a barber until he had enough money to do an apprenticship with a sign painter. "In our country when a boy wants to learn a trade he goes to the shop. Normally we go for training for 3 years, but I just needed 3 months to make perfect in the painting." The signs on our site are the ones that Peter sells to barbers in Ghana, but if you want to give him a photo he can render it in the same style.