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Ko-Falen Cultural Center
Ko-Falen Cultural Center seeks to promote cultural, artistic and educational exchanges between the people of the United States and Mali through art workshops, dance, music and ceremony. We believe that a greater understanding and respect between people can be reached through these personal exchanges. [posted: May 11, 2009]
Baba Wagué Diakité
Award winning Malian book artist, musician, storyteller. Artwork includes painted ceramics, book art and sculpture. [posted: May 11, 2009]
West African Wisdom: Adinkra Symbols & Meanings
This site's mission is to make available high-quality renditions of symbols used in Adinkra cloth printing, at no cost for personal and non-profit uses. [posted: May 05, 2009]
Sirigu Women Organization of Pottery and Art in Northern Ghana (SWOPA). Since 1997, more than 150 women of Sirigu have formed an organization for pottery and art. Their aim is to preserve and develop their traditional culture and to provide tourist services. [posted: Jul 27, 2007]
Jackie Abrams
Jackie Abrams is a contemporary basketry and fiber artist who counts Africa among her strong influences: "The fabrics, the colors, the cultures, the earth, and the people continue to impact the vessels I create." [posted: Aug 08, 2006]
Tribal Textiles
"We’re a home décor company based on the edge of the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia." [posted: Feb 21, 2005]
The Niger Bend
"We have traveled the African continent for over 17 years to bring you the finest, most extraordinary African Art available. We carry all manner of art, jewelry, masks, figures, statues, stools, leather goods, neolithic and ethnographic items." Specializes in products from West Africa. [posted: Mar 19, 2004]
Global Crafts
"We are wholesalers of Fair Trade African art and crafts. Directly importing from artisans in Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and South Africa." [posted: Mar 14, 2004]
Cross Cultural Collaborative
"Cross Cultural Collaborative is an educational non-profit that invites people to Ghana to promote cultural exchange and understanding through the arts." On the 'workshops' page you can read about all their past and upcoming programs bringing Ghanaian and foreign artists together. Past programs include mosaic murals, ceramic furniture, etching, pottery, raku and story collecting. [posted: Mar 06, 2004]
Ibou N'Diaye
"Ibou N'Diaye learned to sculpt by observing elder sculptors in Bandiagara, Mali, his hometown. Using hatchets, adzes, files, and chisels; Ibou carves mahogany and ebony. He integrates traditional and modern forms, resulting in a style that retains the essential aspects of Dogon sculpture. He currently resides in Takoma Park, MD." [posted: Mar 05, 2004]
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