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African Voices
An exhibit at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. African Voices "examines the diversity, dynamism, and global influence of Africa's peoples and cultures over time in the realms of family, work, community, and the natural environment". This companion web site is a very rich multimedia presentation. In the area of arts you will find Paa Joe, a Ghanaian coffin maker, Lamidi Fakeye, a Yoruba scupltor, Kenyan carver Ali Helewa, Malian sculptor Siriman Fane, Nigerian potter Ladi Kwali among others. Of special note is the Discovering Mudcloth section. [posted: Mar 04, 2004]
William Itter collection of African Pottery
An impressive collection of pottery from a long list of peoples from all over Africa. Nupe, Yoruba, Hausa, Mambila, Mangbetu, Bamileke, Lobi, Dagari, Bamana, Dogon, Makonde, Zulu, and more... [posted: Mar 04, 2004]
Passport to Paradise: Sufi Arts of Senegal and Beyond
"Passport to Paradise is an exhibition program concerning arts of the Mourides, a mystical Muslim movement originating in Senegal, West Africa." The exhibit was organized by the Fowler Museum of Cultural History. Includes artist biographies and educational materials. [posted: Mar 04, 2004]
African Trade Beads
African Trade Beads was an English company specializing in the collection and supply of African trade beads, ancient and modern. While they are no longer in business, they have left online a pretty great collection of images of african trade beads - 140 Pages of reference pictures. Hope it remains online! [posted: Mar 04, 2004]
Hypertextile + Klikor Icon + Afevo + Blackhud Research Center
Hypertextile is the website of Luciano Ghersi, an Italian weaver who has been working with a community of Kente weavers from the town of Klikor in Ghana. Together they have started several web sites (all linked from Hypertextile) documenting the craft of Kente weaving among this particular group of Ewe weavers. There is much information on patterns, techniques, and individual weavers. The website was made a long time ago (in internet terms) but still contains a wealth of information, if you browse around it. [posted: Mar 04, 2004]
  online exhibits [5 sites]