Report on a trip to Ghana to learn traditional weaving techniques

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Gilbert, SethDetail of GilbertEmilia spinning bobbins.
Seth laying out the warp in the front of the family compound. His nieces and nephews are in the background.
Initial stretching of the warp onto the loom. Seth is evenly dividing the ends of the warp in anticipation of rolling it onto the apron bar.
At SethMarket in AgbozumeEnoga and enovi makers in Agbozume.Finished heddles.
Close-up of layout using blue rayon yarn.Close-up of the enovi (top threads) and enoga (fine threads stretched under enovi).Gilbert helping with the pattern nwawene.
First finished strip.Almost the whole gang.Detail of the quilt. Red and black batik from Makola Market, Accra is the border.