Traditional African Textiles

Robbins Center For Cross Cultural Communication

This collection of traditional African textiles, on exhibit at the Sumner Museum until Jan. 2001, is available for loan to museums and educational institutions. For further information please contact the Robbins Center for Cross Cultural Communication in Washington DC.

Robbins Center for Cross Cultural Communication
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Tent hanging, Niger river area, MaliAppliqué banner with royal symbols, BeninMud resist cloth (modern) Bamana people, MaliDomestic furnishing cloth, Hausa/Fulani people, Niger
Appliqué banner with royal symbols, BeninDomestic furnishing cloth, Hausa/Fulani people, NigerDecorative panel, skirt. Kuba people, CongoRaffia skirt. Kuba people, Congo
Raffia skirt. Kuba people, CongoRaffia skirt. Kuba people, CongoWomanBlanket. Fulani people, Mali
Rug, woven leather and millet stalks, MauritaniaDomestic furnishing cloth. Dzerma people, NigerNarrow strip woven Kente. Ashanti people, GhanaMen
WomanMarriage bedcover. Fulani people, MaliBeaded skirt. Zulu, South AfricaRoyal cloth (resist dye), Cameroon.
Beaded blanket. Zulu, South AfricaFour Adire resist dyed indigo cloths (folded). Yoruba people, Nigeria.Blanket. Fulani people, Mali.Beaded apron. Ndebele people, South Africa.
Domestic furnishing cloth, Ikat. Baoule people, Ivory Coast.Narrow strip weaving, Kente. Ewe people, Ghana.Domestic furnishing cloth. Bella people, Nigeria.Domestic furnishing cloth. Bella people, Nigeria.