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Millee Spears
fashion designer, USA
A unique mix of urban styling and cultural textiles fuse into wearable art that is distinctly Khismet. The Khismet show room was for nine years a part of the renown 1800 Belmont Arts Cultural Center, a cultural art building located in the eclectic Adams-Morgan area of Washington, D.C. Millee Spears is both owner and designer. The California Institute of Design and Merchandising graduate returned from West Africa 10 years ago, to the nation's capitol, to launch Khismet.

Mllee's foray into fashion lead her to Ghana as a fashion coordinator for a manufacturing company. She was involved in various phases of production. Immersed in this rich culture, she had a unique opportunity to work closely with local artisans, crafts people, master weavers and painters. All of these influences are reflected in her styling and her approach to design.

Through her travels and studies, Millee recognized intriguing similarities in cultures and textiles that span the globe. Her designs are updated classics and couture using traditional indigenous fabrics from different parts of the globe. Chinese brocade, Guatemalan weavings, Nigerian ashoke, and Irish lace are just some of the textiles she combines with silks, linens, cottons and wools. Signature Khismet are her hand painted designs using Adinkra symbols of the Akan people of West Africa. The symbols reflect cultural and spiritual values. "Whatever the fabrics, I try to evoke a peaceful emotional response to stimulate aspects of the mind," states Millee. It's more than just fashion, it's wearable art. Art which not only reflects the unique spirit of a particular culture, but also the common threads that bind us together wherever we call home.

For the Washington community, Khismet is an important part of the cultural landscape providing designs for the fashion conscious of all ages. Her showroom also features hand-crafted jewelry, art and natural oils. We invite you to experience the fashion, art and culture of Khismet Wearable Art, Inc.

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