Haoua Cheick Traore
Haoua Cheick Traore was born in Segou, in central Mali, and after furthering her education in Cote d'Ivoire and Los Angeles, has devoted her career to marketing the products of African women, particularly textiles. Her company, African Creations LLC, is renowned for its high-quality mudcloth from the Bogolan weavers in Mali.

Haoua has used her boundless energy and enthusiasm as a promoter of AfricanCraft.com. In 2000 she participated in a workshop entitled "From Village Stall to Global Markets: Entrepreneurs and E-Commerce" at the World Summit on Social Development +5 in Geneva, where she highlighted the work of AfricanCraft.com and its development potential. She has lead similar workshops at conferences in Mexico, DC and elsewhere.

Contributions to AfricanCraft.com


T.Y. Kente Weaving, Kente weaver, Ghana

Ash-Geo, Kente weaver, Ghana