African Art In American Collections by Warren M. Robbins, Nancy Ingram Nooter
Preface 1
African Art: A Personal Encounter
Warren M. Robbins

Foreword 7
African Art: Where the Hand Has Ears
Amadou Hampate Ba

Introduction 11
The Two Worlds of African Art
Warren M. Robbins
What African Art Is and What It Is Not 11
"Authentic" African Art 13
Correct Copies 14
Counterfeit African Art 15
Tourist Art 16
Contemporary African Art: An Intercultural Tradition 17
Ex-Cultura African Art 18
Bicultural Aesthetics 18
On the Use of the Term "Primitive" 20
The African Legacy in Twentieth-Century Western Art 23
Historical Documentation and the Dilemma of Derivation 27
Collecting and Exhibiting in America: A Brief Sketch 28
African Art Scholarship and Teaching in America 33
Notes 36

Illustrations 47
Layout Design by Warren M. Robbins
Introductory Notes and Captions by Nancy Ingram Nooter
Western Sudan 49
West African Coastal Region 135
West Central Africa 303
Central Africa 375
Eastern and Southern Africa 505
Arts of Utility 533

African Art in American Collections 571
Bibliography 575
Style Index 591
Photographic Credits 593