ATMEK kente production
Kente cloth weavers, Ghana
ATMEK kente production
Kente cloth weavers, Ghana
Bob Dennis Ahiagble and Jimmy Amegayie are young master weavers whose works have been exhibited both in Ghana and in Europe. As children in a family of weavers they learned the traditions and techniques of Ewe kente weaving under the guide and supervision of their father, Gilbert Bobbo Ahiagble.

Bob and Jimmy have set up a weaving organization called ATMEK (Authentic Traditional and Modern Ewe Kente). Atmek kente production started as a hobby in Accra in 2001 with two workers but presently, we have a work force of 21 workers all trained by Atmek with an artistic bent to create unique patterns for Ewe kente. It is the objective of Atmek to raise the standard of weaving locally, to help the under-privileged in society to gain employment and to widen the scope of weaving by using recycled materials.

Bob has traveled many times to Denmark and Sweden where he held workshops at the Danish National Museum and the Nyvang Meseum. Jimmy has also been an ambassador for Ghanaian arts abroad, traveling to Canada where he lectured and demonstrated in Montreal and Toronto.

In 2003, Bob was recognized by UNESCO as one of the best young weavers in the research process, listing kente as an intangible heritage.

In order to promote and keep the weaving industry alive Bob has written a book titled "The pride of Ewe kente", which tells the history of Ewe kente.

In 2010, Bob and Jimmy opened a weaving Academy with the goal of offering a quiet, welcoming learning environment for an international community of learners that fosters community living, encouraging skills development and creativity. All are welcome to share in the light of this vision.

We offer Workshops and Classes

Our classes are personalized to each student's interests. In addition to learning the techical aspects of weaving Kente cloth, in our workshops we also cover some of the theory and culture of weaving, including:

  • the history of kente cloth
  • the role ot thread (colours) as a means of exploration
  • the role that design has to offer in the fields of textiles
  • cultural differences and designs specific to the demands of various cultures
  • the symbolic proverbs associated with some cloths which are applicable to everyday life

For more information about workshops for individuals or groups, please contact us, we would be happy to hear from you.

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