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Edward Acquah
ceramist, Ghana
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Emmanuel Tei Mensah, ceramist, Ghana

The Potters of Sirigu, by Ann Schunior

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 Sirigu Women Organization of Pottery and Art in Northern Ghana (SWOPA). Since 1997, more than 150 women of Sirigu have formed an organization for pottery and art. Their aim is to preserve and develop their traditional culture and to provide tourist services.
William Itter collection of African Pottery
 An impressive collection of pottery from a long list of peoples from all over Africa. Nupe, Yoruba, Hausa, Mambila, Mangbetu, Bamileke, Lobi, Dagari, Bamana, Dogon, Makonde, Zulu, and more...
African Pottery Forming
 A slide show presentation explains the pottery forming techniques used in Africa, illustrating the entire process from the preparation of the clay to the firing of the completed pots. Web site by Prof. Christopher Roy, with a text on the chemistry of ceramics explaining why African potters choose to fire at low temperature. [note: the videos seem to be missing from the site, but are available for purchase on DVD]

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