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Mathabo Pule
plastic crocheter, Lesotho
Mathabo Pule is the sole plastic crochetier in the village of Liphiring Hanger's Drift, Lesotho. She was born in 1922 and has one child and three grandchildren. She is part of a village association of women which is composed primarily of potters.

Mathabo works from her home, employing old plastic bags (abundantly strewn throughout Lesotho) to crochet intricate and colorful bags, hats and rugs. She cuts the plastic into thin strips and crochets the strips into beautiful and useful items. Her work is sold locally as well as in some of the local handicraft shops. They are popular with locals and tourists alike. Her rugs are incredibly durable and soft on bare feet.

In addition to her plastic crochet work, Mathabo is also a Litema artist (as seen by the etched walls of her home) and a potter. She is one of many industrious and talented artists who are working quietly to better themselves, their family and to provide beautiful products for others.

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