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Hassa Pascal Mounkoro
Sculptor, Mali
PASCAL learned to sculpt as a traditional apprentice with his uncle at age 14. His father's farm was too small and the earth too barren to support him. He runs his business with a partner who has equal talent so he considers that the business is run by two bosses. Pascal loves to sculpt more than anything else in the world. His passion for working wood and making it into beautifully expressive stylized figures can be seen in all of his work.

He received support and encouragement from a Norwegian woman who helped design figures for a Christmas manger which he exports successfully to Norway. Pascal's religious figures are also highly sought after by Christian missionary groups working in Mali. Now aged 33, he supports his own family, his mother and his seven brothers, all seven are apprenticing with him. Pascal applies the rigorous standards he learned from his uncle and every piece produced in his studio deserves a stamp of quality.

He exhibits regularly at the American Cultural Center in Bamako, but has not yet attended any Cultural Fairs abroad.

Pascal is also a social entrepreneur. He's active in the Association of Professional Training (APFMA) in Mali and serves as it's secretary. APFMA forms a framework for the Youth Association of Artisans (AJA) that assists young artisans in business development. Lastly he is the current President of his the Korofina (neighborhood) Association of Sculptures.
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