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Mabeoana Quilters
quilters, Lesotho
The Mabeoana quilting group was established by the late Queen Mother, M'e Mamohato Seeiso, in an effort to provide employment opportunities to local women in an area plagued by high unemployment and poverty.

Mabeoana Quilters is located outside the village of Matsieng, the home of the Royal Family, which is located about 40 km south of Maseru, the capital of Lesotho. The workshop is in a beautyful mountain setting just outside of the village of Matsieng.

The original group started working in 1998, under the guidance of the late Queen and Susanne Smith, wife of the British High Commissioner. The women started making quilts on their own in 2001.

Quilting is a rare skill in Lesotho, and this group of four women stands because of their fine quality quilts, wall-hangings, bags and cushion covers. Their quilted items are pieced by machine and hand-quilted. Many pieces incorporate traditional scenes of Lesotho life, such as the Basotho hat, rondevals, and the Basotho horseman. The quilters utilize traditional Seshoeshoe fabric, and other all cotton fabrics. Custom quilts are their specialty to make items based on customer preference.

Mabeoana Quilters is the only group in Lesotho providing hand quilted products. To visit Mabeoana Quilters: go south from Maseru until you get to the Matsieng turn-off, and follow the signs to Mabeoana Quilters and Crafters. It's a trip worth taking, if only for the beautiful scenery and tranquil surroundings.

For more  information or to place an order, please call, write or e-mail us.

Rea Laboha, 'M'e Mamoliehi, 'M'e Manthati, 'M'e Mpho and 'M'e Nthabiseng.

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