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Maoua Kone
painter, marionette maker, Mali
Maoua Kone is a puppet maker, painter, director of "Angouleme" Youth Theater Troupe, Consultant and manager of "Angouleme" abroad. She has a wide range of artistic expressions.

Her studio is a small court yard where she lives in a single room dwelling, or shared space at the Institute of Fine Arts (INA). The art she produces impacts the viewer with its political, social and feminist message. She does not create art for art's sake.

Maoua works daily with Angouleme and has an ability to engage her students in co-creating performance pieces for street-theater or the stage. Together they make their own costumes and props. Angouleme has been invited to France on many occasions to work with innercity children. In 2001 the troupe travelled to Congo where the piece performed was designed to create Aids awareness.

Maoua is a true artist who breaks down all the sterotypes of what an African woman is. She's an extremely good communicator, intense, appreciative and joyful and she has decided to remain single and childless.

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