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Hatooa Mose Mosali
weavers, Lesotho
Hatooa Mose Mosali (PTY) Ltd. is situated in the lowlands of the mountain kingdom of Lesotho, in the northern district of Berea, at Ha Molemane next to Metro Cash and Carry. "Hatooa Mose Mosali", which implies that women should stand up and do some resourceful work in their society, is a proprietary business, solely owned and managed by Basotho women.

Hatooa Mose Mosali started its operations in August 1990 in Teyateyaneng in the midst of many established weaving houses. In Teyateyaneng, weaving is considered a cultural heritage.

Hatooa Mose Mosali was formed by twenty-one Basotho women. It split in 1997 when fifteen women left and formed Elelloang Basali. We are now running it with five women. We hired ten women for weaving, four spinning women, two knitting women, to whom we will sell shares later on so that they can feel happy and proud when working at Hatooa Mose Mosali.

It was formed to be self-employed and to create jobs among other women and to fight against poverty.

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