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Nomoda Ebenizer Djaba
Krobo Bead maker, Ghana
Nomoda Ebenizer Djaba is known to everyone as Cedi. He is the director and owner of the Retado Bead Industry in Odumasi/Krobo, Ghana, a family business that he became involved in as a child working with his grandfather.

The Krobo are known for their beads and Cedi is one of the best known beadmakers who sells beads both locally and internationally. He has a large workshop with several employees. The process involves crushing glass, such as bottles or broken window panes, funneling it into clay moulds and firing in a wood burning kiln. The beadmakers make the process look easy, but it takes years of apprenticeship and practice to be recognized as an accomplished artisan. Cedi receives many visitors at his workshop who come for lessons, or to watch, and always to buy.

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