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Moussa Diabate
traditional textile artist, Mali
Moussa Diabate teaches French to 7th - 9th graders in Dioila but reserves time for his DIABATEX business, which is the production of traditional hunter's clothing.

Moussa started making traditional bogolan and sewing them into hunter's outfits in 1990 with his cousin, a graduate from the Institute of Art. They predicted that these traditional design would one day be regarded with respect and be highly sought after. The two men worked together to research old designs and replicate them accurately.

In 2000 Moussa learned that an "African Hunters Conference" would soon take place in Bamako. He submitted samples of his work, which was to be worn by government officials from Mali at the Conference. His designs were chosen and he felt proud to have won the competition.

Both the Malien Minister of Culture as well as the Prime Minister wore Moussa's a traditional hunter's outfit. The President of Mali, wore a Bogolan shirt designed by DIABATEX. The French Cultural Minister wore a contemporary dress decorated with traditional bogolan designs.

The "African Hunters Conference", the first of its kind in West Africa attracted Cultural Ministers from Senegal, Burkina Faso, Niger and Guinea. Over 4000 participants attended. Other famous personalities who wore DIABATEX designs and costumes are Cheick Ouman Sissoko, a Malien filmmaker, and Oumou Sangare and Habib Koite, Malien musicians.

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