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Samuel Carter
jeweler, Ghana
Samuel Carter comes from a family of goldsmiths and follows his grandfather and father as a jewelry craftsman. Although Nungua is a fishing village it was once home to many goldsmiths and some of their relatives continue the tradition.

Trained as an electrical engineer, he has worked in the timber business and as a gold prospector. As he says, "The Ga people like to travel." But Samuel settled into the family business and has a showroom, a workroom and an office. He is a deeply religious man and there is always a bible on his desk and unexpected visitors often find him reading from it.

He can make anything in metal, but his most interesting pieces are based on traditional adinkra symbols. He'll show you a chart where you can pick the symbol and you tell him the size and, if an earring, whether dangling or against the ear. He also makes neck chains, rings and bracelets.

His prices are reasonable and his workmanship flawless.

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