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David Boamah
Adinkra textiles, Ghana
David Boamah is a young man of many talents. He is a creative and thoughtful artist specializing in Adrinka cloth. He lives in the village of Ntonso, outside of Kumasi in central Ghana.

Many people in Ntonso are involved in the production of the Adinkra cloth. Young boys are taught to weave the strips. The traditional Adinkra dyes are made by boiling the bark of the badie tree for two days. The stamps, each with its own particular meaning, are carved out of pieces of calabash (gourds).

David, along with some of the other Adinkra artists in Ntonso, have also started to incorporate commercial fabric and silk-screened symbols, using water based dyes, into their art. Their work is sold in Ntonso and at other galleries throughout Ghana.

David is also a patient and talented teacher. He teaches both individuals and groups, at schools and universities. He will travel or welcome you to his community, for a brief visit or to participate and learn about Adinkra printing and will act as a tour guide as well.
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