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Edward Acquah
ceramist, Ghana
Edward Acquah is a Ghanaian born artist. He is a potter and a sculptor who makes a wide range of ceramics from 10cm to150cm. Eddie attended the Kaneshie Sec/Tech School in Accra, Ghana and completed in 1984. He later upgraded his visual art skills in industrial trends, and worked with Rena's Ceramics Ltd, Therestrial Haven Industry, just to mention a few. Eddie currently resides in Kaneshie, Accra.

Eddie likes sketching, sculpting and engaging in artistic activities. His interest in pottery began to increase gradually as he became more familiar with the clay; soon as the tongue began speaking with clear tunes, he however came out with fantastic models. Besides all difficulties he was motivated by some skillful artist he met at Rena's ceramic industry whose sculptured works really inspired him so much that he had no choice than to be awaken from slumber. This is how he started creating more wonderfully than ever.

As an adventurous and innovative artist, he mobilizes artists to upgrade and to promote their products in various ways. Eddie once led a group of artists from various art disciplines to form an art club affiliated with Cross Cultural Collaborative Ghana, a non-profit organization that invites artists of all art disciplines to promote cultural exchange and understanding through the arts, led by Aba.

Eddiezac Concept came into play when various kinds of art works were requested by customers, such as Earthen dish warmers for buffet, Tandoori for Indian bread called Naan, Concrete craft on buildings and Crucibles for metallurgical industries.

Eddiezac Concept was in affiliation with Terrestrial chargers, incorporated the production of crucibles and refractory production for the gold mines and metallurgical industries with local materials obtained in their native country, Ghana. We mainly produced Runners, Funnels, Nozzles, Seating blocks, Bricks etc.

Eddiezac Concept is currently in the business of changing the outlook of buildings with our concrete crafted facing tiles for the following services: Windowsill ornamentation designs, Square columns redesign, Parapet, Fence wall designs, Copping, including Tiling, 3D wall paper, Pop ceiling etc.

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