Iragbiji, Nigeria      
Obatala Centre
Chief Muraina Oyelami
Iragbiji, Nigeria
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About the Obatala Centre for Creative Arts

The Obatala Centre was established in 1987 as an independent, non-governmental, non-profit institution. The centre is non-partisan as far as politics and religion are concerned, and its purpose is promoting the traditional arts and culture of the Yoruba race in particular and African in general, as well as boosting tourism.

The aim of the centre is to encourage, develop, promote and propagate African arts and culture in all its ramifications - performing arts, visual arts, museums, monuments, libraries/archives, and research into documentation of same. The centre shall in pursuance of the above principles interact, contact and consult with government, non-governmental, local, national and international institutions, agencies, societies and individuals.

The Obatala Centre's goals, in support of its mission, are:

(a) To create an avenue for the identification, study, development, exhibition propagation and promotion of the arts and culture of the people of Iragbiji and Osun State, in particular, and Nigeria and Africa in general.

(b) To identify and develop the cultural and tourism resources of the area, which include caves, mountains, forest resorts, palaces, and other important landmarks.

(c) To establish art galleries.

(d) To establish museums.

(e) To establish libraries/archives for research and documentation

(f) To promote theatrical arts, and dance as well as the construction and making of drums and other traditional musical equipment

(g) To organize seminars, workshops, conferences, and lectures to propagate and enlighten the public on its objectives and culture in general.

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