Edward Acquah
ceramist, Ghana

Edward Acquah, a Ghanaian born artist, is a potter and a sculptor who makes wide range of ceramics from four (4) inches to five (5) feet by height. Eddie attended the Kaneshie secondary/technical school (Katoco) in Accra, Ghana and completed in the year 1984. He began by studying textile but soon moved into pottery. He then worked with Rana’s Ceramics Lid, where he developed the interest in ceramics art.

Eddie notes, “As a hobby I had liked sculpting and sketching, but my interest in pottery began to increase gradually as I became more familiar with the clay. I Soon came out with fantastic models but had challenges from a skillful lady sculptor in the studio where I worked, whose work inspired me so much that I had no choice than to awaken from my slumber. This is how I started creating more wonderfully than ever.”

As an adventurous and innovative artist Eddie once initiated a group of artists to form an art club affiliated to Cultural Collaborative Ghana, an educational non-profit organization that invites people of all discipline to Ghana to promote cultural exchange and understanding through the arts. He is an active participant of the workshops organized at their cultural center, Aba house, Nungua in Ghana.

Eddiezac Ceramics and Art Works is a small scale artifacts production establishment. Their pottery products are widely used in West Africa, as well and Europe and the United States. These products could be seen in hotels, hospitals, restaurants, private home, galleries and floral shops.

Eddie has a unique flair of expressing his idea with the clay. He uses high-fire clay obtained from Abonko in the Central region of Ghana to create both traditional and contemporary African designs. His other pottery products include a combination of Bolga basketry, both for utility and decorative purposes.

Eddiezac Ceramics and Art Works in affiliation with Terrestrial Haven have incorporated the production of crucibles and refractory products for the gold mines and the metallurgical industries with local materials obtained in their native country, Ghana. (I.e. runners, funnels, nozzles, seating block, bricks etc.)

Besides clay products Eddiezac ceramics and art Works offer services of the following:
1. Landscaping
2. Mural / Mosaic
3. Garden ornaments
4. Statues / portrait
5. Scenario relief on wall
6. General decorative spraying

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